Canadian Owned

Parcel Package and Freight Shipping

We ship via FedEx, UPS, and U.S. Postal Service.

For all your shipping needs, bring your parcels to us. We can pack your items, ship them to friends and family and find you ways to make the holidays arrive on schedule and under budget!!

For helpful tips on holiday shipping, please take a look at some ways to save money, or, spend it on presents, and not on shipping!!

Shipping rates vary by destination, weight, size of package, and type of service.

We only accept Cash at this time. US and Canadian cash are both accepted.

Additional Shipping Services: (Plus freight charges):

  • COD shipping $6.50
  • Custom Packaging $40/Hr ($4.00 minimum) plus packaging.
  • Declared Value Insurance – varies by carrier.
  • Signature confirmation of delivered package $2.25

Shipping Times:

How long it takes to receive a parcel depends on where it is going to or coming from? Time in Transit can be found here.

Freight shipments can be arranged for any US destination. We have a grade-level warehouse and forklift to load and unload palletized shipments. We can receive and ship freight and store it as needed.

Following are our policies and general information and advice about shipping your packages through any of the common carriers such as UPS and FedEx.
  • Valuable items should always be insured against loss or damage.
  • Cash, jewelry, or items which are "priceless" or cannot be accurately valued are not allowed to be shipped through most common carriers. If you do send such items, you do so at your own risk. If you add insurance to something that is not allowed to be shipped, the carrier will deny your claim, no matter how much you paid for the insurance.
  • This may sound obvious, but, when sending items which are fragile, it is very important to be sure they are packaged safely. If you pack your own items, Pacific Mail and Parcel will not be responsible for damage to the contents. We are able to pack your items for you, and garuantee they will arrive safely, or your claim will be paid by the carrier. It is not acceptable to simply add lots of insurance (called "declared value") to items not packaged well and file a claim if an item is damaged. IF the shipping company determines that an item was packed insufficiently, they will deny a claim for damage.

How can you tell if your item is packaged well or not?

My personal rule of thumb that I give to customers who pack their own fragile items is to ask "can we drop this package off the table-top or counter, and everything will be OK?"... the customers first reaction is usually the best indicator of whether or not the items inside are safely packaged. If they give me a somewhat surprised look, with doubt and hesitation, I immediately tell them NOT to send the items as they are packed. The reason is simple... Trucks do not care if you put labels on the box which say fragile. Trucks, driven by time sensative drivers over less than smooth roads, cannot handle your packages with care. Your box will be bounced all the way from here to there, and will likely be handled by a dozen people and or conveyor belts before being delivered. I have even seen a couple boxes that had tire marks on them.

We can arrange to consolidate your multiple shipments into one so that you may clear all your goods in a single trip, or, vice-versa, fulfilling the distribution of a single large shipment from Canada to the US, into multiple shipments to different recipients.