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Parcel, Package, & Freight Receiving

(Rates Effective July 1, 2022)

(Rates Effective July 14, 2018)

(Rates Effective February 15, 2014)

(previous price increase March 19, 2012)

(previous price increase September 21, 2009)

Our Package Receiving Service costs $12 per year (plus package fees shown below), and gives you a U.S. mailing and shipping address to ship and receive items at. You then come down and pick-up your items when you are ready, or we can forward them to you anywhere in the world. Our Package Receiving Service is for PARCELS (and larger items such as freight shipments). The Package Receiving Service does NOT include Mail receiving. If you wish to receive Mail (i.e. bank and credit card statements, business and personal letters, rebate checks, magazines, etc.) or you need an address for registering your business for government reasons, you need a MAILBOX, and you should go here, and read our mailbox information page. And, please note, mailbox customers can also receive packages and freight just like Package Receiving customers...! (you don't need to sign-up for both services)

Automatic E-Mail with PHOTO Notification!!

Pacific Mail & Parcel provides free parcel notification via OPIS, our automated Online Package Information System. AND, Pacific Mail and Parcel is the only company that provides PHOTOGRAPHS of your packages taken as they're being logged into our system. PHOTO-Notification provides you with real-time confirmation of your shipment, allowing you to see the condition of your item when it arrived. You email will also include additional package information, including tracking number, sender's name, and of course the recipient's name. And if you have more than one person in your family or company using our service, we can send emails to different people depending on who got the package, or even multiple people, it all depends on your preferences. Easily customizable to meet your specific needs.

Our Package Receiving fees are based on a per-piece basis, depending on Weight and Size:

Small 1-5 lbs $3.45 Note: To be considered a "SMALL" package, it must be...
(A) A Priority Mail type of document envelope, OR,
(B) SMALLER than 9 inches in length and 2-1/2 inches thick.
Medium 6 - 50 lbs $ 3.95  
Large 51 - 150 lbs $ 6.50
Tires up to 50lbs $ 3.95 each
Tires over 50lbs $ 6.50 each
Note: Tires which are completely enclosed in a box, which sit nicely on a shelf, will be charged the applicable Package fees based on weight and size. "Partially" enclosed tires which still ROLL, will be charged TIRE fees. IF... two tires are bundled together, they will be charged as two tires. They use up more space and require additional handling, we're sorry, but the bundle doesn't save on price, sorry.
Pallet and XL Packages 151 lbs or more, and STANDARD pallets $ 25.00 Price applies to Standard Pallets, up to 48 inches per side, and 7 feet tall.
Double Pallet LARGER than a standard pallet $ 48.00 and up!  

Storage: After two weeks, storage fees are as follows:

  • Small and Medium Packages are 30 cents per week
  • OverSized items at 45 cents per week
  • Large packages are 65 cents per week
  • Pallets and over 150lbs packages are $4.50 per week

"Oversized" packages and Unusual Shaped items

Longer than 3 feet, or two sides longer than 20 inches will be charged an Additional Handling fee of $2.95. Unusual shaped packages may also be subject to Additional Handling. Basically, if the item does not fit neatly on a standard shelf, or it needs to be re-located to the warehouse, there is an additional fee. This includes items which have objects extending out of the box in an awkward or unsafe manner.


The above fees are based on Packages which are correctly addressed, to a registered customer. Its amazing we need to say this next part, but there is ONE PERSON in 13 years who doesn't 'GET IT'... (you know who you are). IF A PACKAGE DOES NOT INCLUDE THE CORRECT ADDRESS TO OUR WAREHOUSE, WE ARE IN NO WAY RESPONSIBLE FOR IT BEING DELIVERED TO OUR FACILITY, OR BEING AVAILABLE TO PICK UP. (More amazing I need to add this next part - again, because of one person). YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PACKAGES WHICH ARE INCORRECTLY ADDRESSED. ALL Packages which are sent to names not registered on an account have an additional $2.00 charge. (( this is for people listed as friends on your account, or people not listed anywhere. - we're happy to set them up an account so their name shows up in our database, but there is additional time needed to confirm these types of addressing problems. We're sorry for the need to do this, but it is unavoidable)).

A word about receiving accounts. Your Account is for you, and if they are listed, your immediate FAMILY - living in the same house as you, or, BUSINESSES, in which employees may receive items provided the company name is included in the address. We reserve the right to limit the number of names on an account at any time.

Getting Started:

To begin using our Package Receiving Service at Pacific Mail & Parcel, we need you to register with us first. This can be done ON OUR WEBSITE by clicking the link to sign-up. When you register, we will give you your unique address like the one shown below. Registration costs $12.00 per year, and gives you an address that is unique to you. Your unit number is tied to our database and ensures we can identify who's items are being received.

We accept credit cards on our website only! You can pre-pay for packages you are picking up by making an online payment to your account. We will then debit your account balance when you pick up. HOWEVER, for In-store Payments We DO NOT take credit cards, debit cards, or other pieces of plastic. We Accept CASH ONLY in our store. Please bring cash or pre-pay online before coming to pick up packages.


PLEASE bring I.D. when you pick-up your parcels - We will ask for it! Only people who are registered with us may pick up parcels. Only immediate family memebers, living in the same house, may share an account. We're truly are sorry, but, second cousins, friends at work, or friends of your neighbours house cleaner do not qualify as "immediate" family members (unless of course your neighbours house cleaner's friend REALLY IS your son, daughter, or parent, living in your house:-). We aren't trying to be difficult, but rather, we are trying to keep things simple. Because we receive (well) over three hundred packages a day, it is extrememly important that we know who is picking up packages, and that we are only giving them to people who are on the account. If we were to allow large numbers of people with different names on the same account, we would have no means of ensuring that our packages were in fact being accurately presented to our customers. Please co-operate with this simple rule; it really is in place to make things simple and accurate.

When you call to register, we will give you the following address, along with your MAGIC number. This number is part of your address... PLEASE use it in ALL your shipments. It goes after the UNIT A- ... IF your parcels or frieght shipments do not have the number following the Unit-A, we may refuse the package when the driver attempts to deliver it. Do us ALL a favor, and use the number as part of your address just like we have shown it here...

Your Name
1300 Boblett Street, Unit A (or B) ####
Blaine Washington, 98230

Please note: In the U.S., we put our apartment and unit number AFTER the street name... just as it is shown here. Please give the address to your shippers just like it is here. Thanks!

Parcel Lockers:

If you are receiving items which you cannot come down to pick up during our normal hours, we do have parcel lockers available which provides you access to your items 24 hours a day. Access to the locker is through the main lobby where our mailboxes are located. You would also need a mailbox which we would put the key to the locker in. Mailbox rental information is available here. To pick up your parcels via the locker, you need to notify us when you are coming down.


We only accept Cash. US and Canadian cash are both accepted

- COD receiving, additional $4.25
Please Note: For receiving C.O.D. deliveries, you MUST ensure the method of payment is given to us PRIOR TO DELIVERY OF ANY C.O.D. shipments. IF the sender requires certified funds, Postal Money Order, or some other specific form of payment, it is your responsibility to give this to us in advance, or the delivery driver WILL NOT give us the package(s). It is also our policy NOT to lend funds for payment of C.O.D. shipments.

Freight shipments

We have a grade-level, 3000 square foot warehouse and an electric forklift with a 3000 pound capacity, to move palletized shipments. We can receive and ship freight and store it as needed. If you have regular freight shipments, or just occasional LTL shipments, we can arrange competitive freight transportation from BC to our warehouse, for further shipment to destinations across the U.S.

A word about Customs

When you purchase something in the US and plan to take it over the border into Canada, you should be prepared to pay taxes... sort of. Be sure you have a copy of your receipt, or a copy of your eBay final auction sale. A simple print-out is enough. This is true for any item you buy on-line, simply print out the page showing what you purchased and the price. This is what you give to Customs when you show up at the border. Above all-else, don't try to hide things in your car, claim it is used, or of a lower value. It is NOT worth the trouble you will get in for lying to Customs just to save $5. The focus at Canada Customs the past couple of years has shifted from Tax Collection to Law Enforcement. This means, if you are bringing things north, they are more concerned with who you are, rather than what you purchased; to a point. Alcohol and Tobaco are heavily taxed, and even small quantities will require you to go in and pay taxes. But, for the vast majority of things, it is very common to clear the border with over $100 in new items and not be sent in to pay any taxes. Compared with years past, when $40 got you a trip inside, its significantly easier to clear personal purchases than before. I have heard stories of several hundred dollar purchases being let through without having to pay any taxes. The obvious thing of course is to always declare what you are bringing over the border. Its not worth saving $5 of taxes compared to what they will put you through every time you cross the border in the future.

Shipping Times

How long it takes to receive a parcel depends on where it is going to or coming from. Time in Transit can be found here.

Lost Packages or Shipments

OK... this is a bit of a touchy subject. First, let me say it is RARE for a parcell or shipment to go missing... VERY RARE. But, it does sometimes happen. In order to make sure it doesn't happen to you, we need your help. When you come in, and you ask for a package, lets say your name is "Smith"... or "Lee" or "Singh"... (I hope that covers everyone) and we ask you "what's your last name?"... you give us your name... we go to our shelfs and look, then come back empty handed. At this point, we will ask you ... "could it possibly be under another name"... PLEASE do not say "no"! Think about this one for a moment. Was the item ordered by someone else in your home or office. Was it paid for by someone with another name on their credit card...was the payment made with a COMPANY credit card... was the item ordered using an account that was set-up before you started to use the account??? Is it an Ebay order where maybe it is being shipped to your Ebay name...There are LOTS of possible reasons your name might not be on the package. Did your ex-wife or ex-husband also order from the same place?? I have seen packages arrive for people who haven't worked for a company for 10 years... and it causes problems for everyone. The best thing to do, is to VERIFY current shipping information with your suppliers at the time you order something. BUT, when we walk back to the counter with no package in our hands and we ask you "can it be under another name"... help us fing your package, and think about WHO else's name might possibly be on it.

Damaged Packages or shipments

Touchy subject number 2! Yes, sometimes things get broken in transit! I know its hard to believe, but its true. WHAT we do depends on how badly damaged something looks when it arrives. If the item is glass, and pieces of broken glass are dropping out of the box, I refuse the delivery, and it goes back to the sender. We will not accept delivery of items that present a risk to our staff or other customers. The next level down is something that is something that is obviously broken, but it isn't a huge mess. We will usually, but not always, accept these items for you. We ask the driver to make note of the condition when they deliver it, and they always do make notes when we ask. This way, YOU can decide it its worth taking the item home or not. Maybe you like to fix stuff! Who knows. The next level down, are things that look like they are broken, but we can't tell. We almost always accept these as well.

The problem comes for people when they receive something, take it hope, THEN discover it is broken. You've aleady cleared customes, paid your taxes maybe, and its a pain to bring it back to us. Please, if you want, open your items at our shop and inspect them before you leave our store. We don't mind a mess in our lobby as long as you don't mind cleaning up your mess when you're done. If you don't want to clean it up, please don't mind if we charge you to do it for you. (we are a service business... charging a fee when we do things for you).

Whenever something is damaged, you need to contact the SHIPPER (the person who shipped it, not the company that moved it) and explain to them the problem. THEY will start the claim for any insurance that may be owed. WE cannot help, except to verify with the driver that the item looked damaged when it arrived. HIDDEN DAMAGE is something everyone knows about. for sure.

Following are our policies and general information and advice about shipping your packages through any of the common carriers such as UPS and FedEx.
  • You must provide insurance for your items while they are being stored at our warehouse. We do not provide third party insurance. Be sure your insurance policy covers your goods when at Pacific Mail & Parcel (or ANY company you use to ship with)
  • Valuable items should always be insured against loss or damage.
  • Cash, jewelry, or items which are "priceless" or cannot be accurately valued are not allowed to be shipped through most common carriers. If you do send such items, you do so at your own risk. If you add insurance to something that is not allowed to be shipped, the carrier will deny your claim, no matter how much you paid for the insurance.


Palletized shipments are accepted for delivery Monday - Friday during normal business hours.

Picking up heavy/Palletized shipments with our forklift is available Monday - Friday, during normal business hours. You are welcome to "hand-bomb" (unload by hand) the palletized items from the pallet into your vehicle. Pacific Mail & Parcel will watch you perform this operation, but, it is unlikely we will participate due to strict union policies of non interference. ALSO, Pleae take note that, if you have HEAVY items that require multiple people to load into your vehicle, you should bring those people with you. We will try and offer assistance as we are able to, and frequently do so, but it is your responsibility to ensure the items can be loaded into your vehicle.