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Renting a Mailbox in the U.S.

WHO needs a mailbox?

A Mailbox rental is only required if you will be receiving letter-mail. Examples would be bank or credit card statements, letters from friends, business correspondence, etc. IF you are going to receive PARCELS only, and no mail, it is not necessary to rent a mailbox. Please see our information about Parcel Receiving if you just want to receive packages or freight shipments.

Size 3 months 6 months 12 months*
Small $27 $54 $108
Medium $42 $84 $168
Large $60 $120 $240


  • Get 2 additional months free with 12 month rental.
  • If you receive more than 15 packages a month, there is no charge for a mail pick-up (if you still want a mailbox, you can rent one, but mail pick-up is free with high package volume).
  • Small mailboxes are for personal use only. Businesses need to rent a medium or large mailbox.
  • Overflow Mail: Small or Medium mailboxes which regularly have overflow mail will be charged the next larger box size.
  • Keys and Deposits: Front door key required for 24-hour access. Mailbox Key and front door key each, $5.00 deposit. Deposit returned when keys returned.
  • Mail Forwarding and Return Deposit: $10 deposit required to return mail to sender after termination of mailbox service. Unused deposit refunded after 6 months.
  • Mail Forwarding: $3.00 + postage up to 4 lbs. See the mail forwarding page for more information.
  • We only accept Cash at this time. US and Canadian cash are both accepted.

Parcel Lockers:

$1.00 Per nite. If you are receiving parcels which you cannot come down to pick up during our normal hours, we do have parcel lockers available which allow you to pick up your items 24 hours a day. Access to the locker is in the same room where our mailboxes are located. You would also need a mailbox which we would put the key to the locker in. Package receiving information is available here.

What you will need to rent a mailbox in the US.

Pacific Mail & Parcel provides customers with a US mailing address which includes a street address. We provide mailbox rentals, package receiving, storage, and office rental to persons looking to have a US address for business or private use.

It is a simple process to rent a mailbox in the US. There are two forms to fill in, and you must show us two pieces of identification, such as a drivers license or other government issued ID cards, university or recognized corproate ID cards, passports, immigration cards, etc. Please note; due to Postal regulations WE CANNOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS, SOCIAL SECURITY CARDS, OR BIRTH CERTIFICATES as ID. We will copy your ID and file it for our records.

After the forms are complete, we will collect the mailbox rent, and provide you with the keys to your mailbox. It takes less than five minutes, and when you are done, you will have a US mailing address complete with Street Address. Your address will also include the Postal Service desgination of PMB, which stands for Private Mailbox.

An example of the address is:
Your Name
PMB # 699
1300 Boblett Street, Unit A
Blaine Washington, 98230

A note to Parcel Customers... those business or individuals who will receive parcels only. If you receive more than 15 packages a month, there is no charge for a mailbox rental. High volume parcel customers get free mail service at Pacific Mail & Parcel. We will hold you mail in our office and you can pick it up with your package shipments. You will not have a mailbox, so there are no keys or overnight access to your mail as with customers who rent a mialbox.

For persons who do not wish to receive mail, who are only interested in parcels sent through third part carriers such as UPS and Fed Ex, a mailbox is not required to be rented. We will issue you a US mailing address or US street address for shipping purposes only. Note however, that mail sent to you, in the form of follow-up invoices etc, may not be delivered by the postal service. (they might be delivered, they might not, it depends on their compliance with postal policy at the time. Their decision to return or deliver such mail for a customer who uses our service for parcels only is beyond our control). If you are concerned about follow-up mail for your shipments, a mailbox rental is an inexpensive way to ensure that any mail sent to you is delivered.