Canadian Owned

Mail and Freight Forwarding to Canada

We can mail, courrier, or ship your item to you in Canada, and, usually, it will work like this.

First, We give you a quote or an estimate using the information you provide. Then You pay us for sending your goods to you. Simple, right? When your item arrives, there "might" be duty or taxes on the item, And there Might NOT. This is up to the Canadian Government, and as such, is uncertain, unpredictable, and, in a word, fickled. There might also be brokerage fees owed as well.

Generally, UPS, FedEx, and other common carriers have brokerage fees added to ALL their trans-border shipments, and they are expensive! Buyer beware if you select UPS or another freight company such as these for sending things to Canada! You can control brokerage costs if you specify your own broker on the shipment, thus bypassing the carrier's over-priced in-house brokerage service.

But there is good news!! Items mailed via the Postal Service frequently DO NOT have additional fees on them when they cross the border. It's not a guarantee by any means, but it is common from what we hear from our customers.

Once you pay us for our service, We will prepare the customs papers necessary for the item to cross the border. You must provide us a detailed description of the goods, including costs, and seller's and purchaser's address (your address in Canada where the shipment is going). For most personal goods under 4 pounds and less than $400, going through the Postal Service, a simple invoice is all that is necessary. This can even include a copy of your ebay final sale page printed and emailed to us for including with your shipment.

Fees to Forward may include some or all of the following. Specific charges are shown below.

  • Registration fees (only for first time package receiving customers.)
  • Forwarding fees: Rates vary depending on weight and package count.
  • Customs paperwork: Freight and package shipments may require extra paperwork.
  • Package receiving fees, including storage.
  • Postage or Freight fees: Vary depending on weight, destination, and package count.
  • Our charges do NOT including border fees, which may need to be paid by you when the item is delivered.

Mail Forwarding * Mail only (no packages) 1 to 4 pounds
5 or more pounds
Package Forwarding Personal Items First Package
Each additional package shipped to
the same address at the same time
Customs Paperwork US Postal Service

OTHER carriers
Form 2976 (small green form)
Form 2976-A (big white form)
Prepare & Copy
No Charge

* Please note: "Mail" consists of envelopes, magazines, post cards, and other similar items. "Mail" Forwarding is only available to mailbox rental customers who have provided Verified Identification and who's mailbox rent is paid up. Parcel and Freight forwarding is available to anyone on a requested basis.