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OPEN NOW 1PM Feb 12th

Our store will be open until 5pm.

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Please note that Pacific Mail & Parcel is accepting Donations for
vicitms of the California wildfires. You can bring in donations
such as clothes, children's toys, household goods, etc., as well
we are accepting cash donations which will be distributed through
a local church in Sacremento California which I have a direct
affiliation with, and I can promise that 100% of the donation's will
be given to people who have been directly affacted by these fires.

What we do?

Pacific Mail & Parcel is a full service U.S. mailbox rental, shipping, receiving, and warehousing company. We provide Canadian businesses and individuals with a U.S. street address, and the ability to ship and receive mail, parcels, and palletized frieght shipments between themselves and anywhere in the United States without the added expense and trouble of international shipping or mailing.

Mailbox Rentals

Receive mail at a U.S. Street Address with 24 hour access in our secure mailboxs. 24-hour parcel pick-up is also available.



Package Receiving

Receiving Packages is easy at Pacific Mail and Parcel. Call today to sign up. For just $9 per year, you get a U.S. street address for all your shipments.


Freight Receiving

Mail, Parcels, and Freight... we do them all! Our warehouse provides safe and secure storage, and our fork-lift does the heavy lifting


Storage Lockers

Short term and long term storage available. 24-hour parcel pick up for mailbox customers.


Cross Dock

Let Pacific Mail & Parcel handle your Cross-dock shipments. If you have shipments needing to be consolidated or distributed, we can arrange the shipping, distribution, and consolidation of your goods.